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​~~Welcome to our web site! Introduction to Mezlers.com .Also known as Mezler Party & Cake Supplies I'm going to try to make a long story short.  Frank R. Mezler opened the business in August of 1970 , after taking an early retirement from Erie Technological Products. He had started printing in his home many years earlier, having the first Lithograph-Multigraph Offset Printer in the area. When his daughter and son-in-law came back from Japan (having been in the military for 8 1/2 years), he had asked them for their help. Frank and Bob did the physical end of remodeling the building and Judy and her mom did the retail end. Within 5 years of having a heart attack and not doing well, Frank said he was selling the business and hoped that Judy and Bob were interested in keeping it going. Judy and Bob said yes and Judy took over the store while Bob had a real job to support their family of 3 children. Over the years the inventory grew as the market did. We now have a great line of invitations, many wedding items on the shelf, as well as theme party items including holiday and luau decorations. Cake,candy and cookie making supplies have become equally important to us. Over fifty three years later we now have 7 wonderful children that are married to good spouses and have given us 15 of the best grandchildren in the world. Our children all grew up with time at the store answering the phone and dusting shelves. As they got older ,they took turns waiting on customers but we all realized it would never support our family, so they have all made other careers for themselves. Some of our children are computer savvy, and have convinced us to take this step and open up a store on the internet. After more than a year we are now ready to tackle a new venture. Thanks to all of our children for their encouragement, their help and their persistance. Mezlers.com also known as Mezler Party & Cake Supplies A Family business since 1970 at 355 West 8th St. Erie , Pennsylvania Zip code 16502 Tele. (814) 454-4354 If you have any questions about our family or our business and products please contact us.The one part we will miss about not having a storefront is the lack of personal relationship with our customers. We sincerely hope that we can be of assistance to you. Judy Mezler Carman and Bob Carman


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